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See What Others Are Saying About Prophetic Counselor Wayne Sutton…
“Pastor Wayne Sutton is a true prophet of God. I received the prophetic word from the Lord through e-mail from him as well as a phone counseling session. The words spoken by him through the Holy Spirit were confirmed by my Pastor’s sermons. Pastor Wayne also helped me to identify the stronghold in my life and led me to deliverance. Thank you and God bless you!” – Anita

“Thank you Wayne for the prophetic message that you sent.  It was not only very encouraging, it really confirmed exactly what is going on in my life.  I look forward to the next prophetic message from you.” – Rome Batchelor, Florence , SC

Wayne Sutton is a true blessing and a prophet. Wayne really hears from God as the personal prophetic word I received from him was 100% accurate. God even gave Wayne revelation of what I do for a living without me saying anything to Wayne! I was really encouraged that God really hears me because Wayne revealed in my personal prophecy what my heart’s desires have been before the Lord. Wayne is truly a prophetic minister of the Lord.  Be encouraged Wayne and continue to seek the Lord on my behalf.   God bless you! 🙂” – Lisa, May 2011

“I have received 2 prophecies from Pastor Sutton just in the last 4 weeks. The past 3 years have been the darkest years of my entire life. I had finally reached a place where I did not feel I could go any longer; I was at the end of my rope. Ironically I am a prophetess myself and have been called upon to give inspired words from God to hundreds of people. But because of my calling I also know that God made us to depend on the body of Christ during our own hour of suffering. Pastor Suttons words were not only accurate, pure and true, but his inspired words from God literally changed my entire life with hope based on the TRUTH. Now I know how some of the folks felt when I obeyed God and spoke into their lives. I feel as though Pastor Sutton saved my life and that of my children.”- Cynthia

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